What To Do If Your Welded Loop Breaks | The Better Connection

Fly line to butt section of leader is an extremely important connection. Almost all the new fly lines come standard with pre-welded loops that look like this:

Although these welded loops connected to a perfection loop test out just as strong as an albright knot, stuff happens on the water and you can be left loopless. A broken loop is an easy fix. Let’s jump into getting you set up.

Step 1.
Cut right below the old loop off so you have a smooth, even fly line.

Step 2.
There are specific butt section materials but any standard hard monofilament or nylon works.
Take a 2-foot section of your chosen material and cut it off the spool.
Selecting the poundage.
1-3 Weight – 20LB
4-6 Weight – 30LB
7-8 Weight – 40LB
9-10 Weight – 50LB
11-12 Weight – 60LB

Step 3.
Tie an Albright knot to the end of the fly line with the hard mono.
Learn how to tie the Albright knot here!

Step 4.
Take a lighter and carefully burn the tag end and push it flat.

Step 5
Cut the tag end down to around 1 foot, enough to work with and tie a knot with.

Step 6.
With the mono, tie a perfection loop around 4-7 inches down.

Step 7.
Burn the tag end of the perfection loop.
Take Loctite gel, Loon UV Thick or head cement and coat the knot. This gives it a much smoother “barrel” and slides though the guides MUCH better. you do not have to put it on the perfection loop.

There you have it.

A simple loop to loop with your leader and you are ready for action! This method of adding a butt section to a fly line that either doesn’t have or broke off an existing welded loop is bulletproof. I personally do this to ALL of my fly lines before they touch the water. I do agree with welded loops and trust them. But, if they fail, I have someone else to blame. If I add a butt section myself, I only can blame my own knot!

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