Material Spotlight | Polar Goat Hair

Polar Goat is a very long, natural material that works extremely well for long streamer patterns. It's much like Polar Fiber, just a lot longer at 6-8" of useable length. In comparison to the previous material spotlight, Icelandic Sheep, Polar Goat is more opaque, slightly thicker, and has more sheen. The material does contain underfur that [...]

Fly Tying Material Spotlight | Icelandic Sheep

Icelandic Sheep is a long, natural material that works incredibly well for larger streamer patterns. It feels like a combination of Craft Fur, Pseudo Hair, and Polar Fiber - but it's much longer and a bit softer, with 5-7" of useable length. The material itself does contain underfur that can either be combed out or [...]

The Beginner’s Guide To Fly Tying Material

So you took the jump into tying your own flies, welcome! As you will quickly find, there are so many things to learn. This guide is to familiarize you with some of the more popular materials. Naturals Naturals are the foundation of tying materials. They include any material that came from an animal: furs, feathers, [...]

EP Practical Brush Review | The New Articulated Fly Brush

The EP Practical Brush is the perfect combination of extremely durable EP Fiber with subtle EP Sparkle flash on a stainless steel wire core brush. These brushes come in a combo pack with 6 different sizes ranging from .50", .75", 1", 1.25", 1.5", 1.75" Width. The 6 different sizes aid tremendously while tying articulated streamers [...]

Umpqua XS435 Bendback Hook Review

Bendbacks are such a great fly to have in your fly boxes. They're light and they're weedless! You can bang them up against mangroves for snook all day long. They'll ride through grass where redfish and seatrout are stalking, they'll bounce off lili pads where largemouth and peacock bass are hunting, they'll even help keep [...]

2020 Loon Tying Tools Overview

Loon Outdoors has laid out a nice new arsenal of tying tools to start 2020. The kind of tools that give your tying desk an air of credibility and a sense of uniformity. Tools that add style to function. The Hair Packer pushes deer hair nicely with its simple no-slip design that surrounds the hook [...]

Fire Tail: Coq De Leon Perdigon Feathers Saltwater Applications

We brought these traditional dry fly and nymph feathers in for their potential in the saltwater world. The mottled and unique looking colors of the Fire Tail series caught our eyes. Turns out they catch the eyes of tarpon, snook, bonefish and redfish as well. Spirit River's UV2 dying and processing makes these feathers even [...]

UV Highlights with UV2 Raptor Hackle

UV2 Raptor Hackle is a short Rhea plume, traditionally used for spey flies. It's a great short plume with awesome colors for your steelhead flies, but there's another bigger difference from normal Rhea plumes - Spirit River's unique UV2 dying and processing makes this hackle more easily visible to eyes that are sensitive to UV [...]

Umpqua X Series Hooks Straight To The Point Review

Umpqua's new X Series Hooks for the salt For creating imitations of saltwater species' food sources, Umpqua has just launched the new X Series of hooks. Umpqua is one of the biggest names in fly design, so they know how a hook should be designed for flies. These hooks are crazy sharp and crazy strong. [...]

Top Picks of the New Umpqua DreamStream Plus Tools

Introducing the all new Umpqua DreamStream Plus Tools Umpqua is getting into the fly tying tools game with their new DreamStream Plus Series. We've brought in the best of the series - a bobbin, a pick and hair stacker available in 2 sizes. The pick is the most exciting of the three. The stout short [...]