Mustad Launches AlphaPoint Fly Hooks | A Lifetime Of Hook Design

Mustad Launches AlphaPoint Fly Hooks
Mustad Launches AlphaPoint Fly Hooks

R&D Makes Perfection
Rigorous testing with tons of research and development from fly tyers and fishermen has led us to the greatest iteration of Mustad hooks we have ever seen.
When it comes to important gear, hooks are pretty high on the list. Sharpness, dimensions, weight, strength and cost effectiveness are key things anglers look for.
Let’s take a deeper look into their new hooks.

Four New Designs
When it comes to choosing the right hook, you want to find the perfect option. These hooks styles provide four incredibly versatile dimensions to have you covered for just about any pattern you are tying.

Smoothness & Point
As we take a closer look at these new hooks, they all feature Mustad’s AlphaPoint.
The AlphaPoint is 4.8x thinner in diameter. An extremely tacky hook with a longer shallower point achieves greater penetration with less hookset pressure. Having a thinner (and strong) hook point is crucial while fly fishing. I much prefer a thinner hook that still has the strength of larger diameters.

The TitanX coating is also featured on all of these hooks. The TitanX coating is an insanely smooth matte finish that aids in penetration. (Similar to the Gamakatsu B10s Nano Smooth finish) Chemically sharpened hooks are ready to hit the water out of the box.

Mustad offers a 25-pack of high-quality hooks you can trust. Coming in at an affordable price compared to other hook companies, this hook will surpass your expectations. They check all the boxes while looking for that next hook.

Mustad Alpha Point S68SAP Tarpon Streamer

When it comes to tarpon, snook, and backcountry flies, the Tarpon 68SAP is a top choice. Most similar to the Gamakatsu SC15 in shape and size. This hook has the perfect dimension for baitfish and backcountry-style flies.

Mustad Alpha Point C70SAP Curved Streamer
A stout slightly longer shank hook perfect for any streamer. Personally, a great bonefish hook tied in the smaller size. When you get larger in size (1/0-3/0) it makes for a great tarpon hook! Most similar to the Gamakatsu SL12S.

Mustad Alpha Point S71SAP Salt Streamer
A flats hook deisgned with a slightly longer shank and smaller gap to flip over with less weight added. Great for redfish/bonefish patterns like the Borski bonefish slider. Most similar to the Gamakatsu SP113H.

Mustad Alpha Point S74SAP Salt Streamer Long
The S74SAP is the perfect long shank hook great for warmwater and saltwater patterns. A great long streamer trout hook or when you want to tie a long baitfish like a mackeral fly. Most similar to the Gamakatsu SS15.

Let’s take a look at the new packaging. Durable thick 100% biodegradable Bioplastic is used to house the hooks. The packaging featurese beautiful easy-to-read label and hook shape right on the front as well as a nice slide door to keep your hooks from spilling or opening on accident. Can’t say much more other than good job Mustad.


Mustad raised the bar again with affordable hooks that perform to the highest expectations. If you want serious fishing hooks for any pattern you tie, id highly recommends giving these a shot.

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