Capt. Carl Ball "We were out here tarpon fishing, tarpon wishing, and one of those big military helicopters flew by us. It flew in, it went by us, it turned around, it came down real low and it was heading right for us. We were like, 'uh-oh'. It got down real low to the water [...]

Circus Act

Capt. Scott Hamilton "The Singletons’ weather was marginal for the four days that we fished, with the seas being a sloppy three to four foot, but with little going on inshore, we buckled down and headed offshore anyhow. The first day was spent warming up on runners and other assorted little stuff, Scott Singleton managed [...]

Tough as Nails

Capt. Bobby Gibson "Jorge and I were permit fishing last week. I don't know how many almosts we had, and then caught one. Hooked one blind casting in the mud. A tank. Out of the first five shots, I thought every single one was going to eat the way they acted and chased the fly [...]

Lizard King

Capt. Brandon Laszlo "So we were fishing somewhere in the Glades. There's a creek where a whole bunch of baby tarpon are at, baby tarpon and snook. And there were a whole bunch of alligators around us. Buddy steps up on the bow and hooks a tarpon. I'd staked the boat out and got current [...]

Push Don’t Pole

Capt. Jason Sullivan "So we were fishing out in Florida Bay for tailing redfish. I was poling a guy to a couple fish tailing. And I guess I went to push and lean into it a little bit, and fell right off the back of the platform into the water. Disturbed everything I thought. Looked [...]