ChopperTails by Capt Carl Ball

Capt. Carl Ball

Chopper Tripletail Fishing

We were out here tarpon fishing, tarpon wishing, and one of those big military helicopters flew by us.

It flew in, it went by us, it turned around, it came down real low and it was heading right for us.

We were like, ‘uh-oh’.

It got down real low to the water where the wash was hitting the water. Then it flew by us and went over and hovered over something.

I noticed I could see something dark in the water, and I thought they dropped something. Thought maybe they were doing some Navy Seal training, you got to go find the package or something like that.

Later on, like an hour later, we went over there and we could see this black thing floating in the water. It was just a big recycle or garbage can, the big standup ones that we have nowadays.

Then a tripletail came sliding out of it.

I thought, ‘man, what a way to go tripletail hunting’.

They must have thought it was some contraband or something like that from the air when they went zooming by it.

…or maybe they were checking tripletail spots.

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