Tough as Nails

Bobby Gibson Tough as Nails

Capt. Bobby Gibson

Bobby G Tough as nails

Jorge and I were permit fishing last week. I don’t know how many almosts we had, and then caught one. Hooked one blind casting in the mud. A tank.

Out of the first five shots, I thought every single one was going to eat the way they acted and chased the fly down, but they turned off at the last second.

And the very last spot of the day I was coming off the flat and there was a ray mudding on the edge of a white hole. I didn’t know if it was a ray or not, I just knew it was a big mud. I go over to it and I go, ‘Bro, just bomb one over there’.

And as he’s casting I’m looking over to the left side where the flat drops off over where there’s grass and I’m seeing if anything is going to come out of there.

All of a sudden I hear, ‘What the f***!!!’. I look over and I see these two giant permit hanging a right, and I see a ray hanging a left, and I see Jorge clearing line towards the permit.

I’m like, ‘no way’. I mean, the thing had to be over 30 pounds, man. It was giant. Had him to the boat and then this nail knot got caught in the guide and popped him off next to the boat. That sucked.

And you know what’s funny? You know how many fish (permit) he caught with that same nail knot last year? About 16.

Capt Bobby Gibson
Capt. Bobby Gibson

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