South Florida Fishing Report December 2018

Here’s what’s going on in the waters of South Florida at the end of November, beginning of December 2018. In these reports our guides address the most current state of their specific fisheries and make short-term predictions based on their own historical experiences. Remember that there are many variables that can affect the fishing from day to day, so use these reports as a general outline to help you prepare for your next trip.


From what we’re seeing it looks like we’re going to have another incredible winter and spring in the Glades. Up in the north end of Whitewater Bay we are getting into hordes of small snook (10-20″), and baby tarpon. Just like last winter we’re attributing the numbers of fish to great spawns a few years ago.

Out on the gulf along the capes and points we are seeing a lot of small redfish. This is very inspiring. The fish themselves are small, but we haven’t seen numbers of redfish like this here in a very long time. One theory is that they’ve moved down to evacuate the mess on the west coast and there’s enough food to sustain them here.

Before this cold front we had a few days where the big tarpon made there way inside. Streaks of warming weather in-between cold fronts leads to incredible big tarpon fishing this time of year.

Capt Jason Sullivan

Offshore Palm Beach

The skipjacks are here. We’ve been getting them as they migrate following the food.

The dolphin have been on and off. We found some good ones last week hanging around debris. If you’re out looking for the tunas is worthwhile to check any debris you come across.

This is a great time to get tight along the beaches. The jacks, bluefish, ladyfish and spanish mackerel are plentiful as they move south looking for warmer water.

Capt Scott Hamilton

Lake Ida & Inshore Palm Beach

The lake has been pretty solid with peacocks, sunshines and largemouths. The colder it gets the better for the sunshine bass. A little chill also gets the peacocks all antsy, a few warming days after a front can get the peas extremely fired up.

Snook fishing by the bridges continues to be hot. Docklight fishing this time of year can be pretty good as those lights act as warming stations.

Capt Patrick Smith

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