Two Resins Explained | UV Vs Epoxy

So, you are ready to start using resin and don’t know the difference between Uv Cure and Epoxy? This is the perfect post for you! Resins/Epoxy has changed the fly tying world and is being widely used to create some unique, durable, and fishy flies.

In the above video, Mike goes over a few key differences between these two products.  Listed down below, you will find a more in detail write-out and all the products used if you happen to be at work and can’t sneak the audio in.

UV Cure



  • Cures extremely fast while using good Uv light.
  • Easier to apply with an included applicator tip
  • Adjustable amount added – less waste
  • Able to build layers
  • Product Styles – Colors/Viscosities


  • Cant work outside or in sunlight with
  • Price is considerably more
  • Always has a tacky finish unless finished with a 2nd step


Let’s jump straight into the good stuff with the pros and cons of both of these resins.



  • Dries harder than Uv resins
  • 100% Tack free
  • Heavier to add weight to flies
  • Better price
  • More durable than Uv resins


  • Cure times take longer
  • You need a drying wheel to be efficient
  • Much harder to work with for beginners

The UV Selection.
The most popular UV resin that we use here at the shop is the Loon and the Gulff. Both of these companies have reliable, durable, and plenty of options for anyone looking for UV resins. These are going to be available in multiple viscosities, colors, and sizes.

Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thick 1/2 oz
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thick - 1/2 oz $19.50 3 available
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thin
Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thin - 1/2 oz $19.50 3 available
Gulff Fatman Clear Resin 15ml
Gulff Fatman Clear Resin - 15ml $18.49 1 available
Hard As Hull
Hard As Hull - Hard As Hull $8.39 12 available

Starting out I’d recommend getting the thick viscosity of the Loon for ease of use. You can still cover thread wraps and make clean larger heads at the same time. Although the flow is better at covering wraps the ease of use starting out will pay dividends with the thick and more versatile.

Uv Lights
I’d highly recommend getting the best light you can possibly afford. It will save you money in the long run 10-fold
The three lights we recommend at the shop are, the Loon Nano, Loon Bench, and Loon Infinity. All of these lights work great but the infinity light as mentioned in the video is by far the best investment if you plan on working with Uv resins.

Loon UV Infiniti Light
Loon UV Infiniti Light - Loon UV Infinity Light $65.00 0 available
Loon UV Bench Light
Loon UV Bench Light - Loon UV Bench Light $45.00 1 available
Loon UV Nano Light
Loon UV Nano Light - Loon UV Nano Light $20.00 0 available

The Epoxy Selection

Well, not much to put here besides the two that are available. We carry the Zap 5-minute and 30-minute two-part. Anything longer the cure time is going to be a waste. Epoxy does take paint, such as acrylic – the key is to put an extremely small amount for coloration.

Z-Poxy 30 Min
Z-Poxy - Z-Poxy 30 min $23.49 2 available
Z-Poxy - Z-Poxy 5 min $17.89 4 available

We hope this blog helped you out with getting a little more comfortable with either the UV or Epoxy products. Give them a try to take your tying to another level.

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