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How to tie: the Wiredipity

Difficulty: easy

25% difficulty

Time: 5-10 minutes

35% timely

Cost: average

average cost
About these metrics

Imitates: nymph

Target species: rainbow trout, brown trout

Where to fish: coldwater lakes/ponds/rivers

Notes: Great generic nymph to try in different colors and sizes

Save 10% on materials with the kit:

Wiredipity Material Kit
Red/Gray #14
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About the fly:

The Wiredipity is an incredibly fast & easy to tie, it’s perfect for the seasoned trout angler looking to bang out a batch of flies for the season, as well as for the saltwater angler going to try his hand at trout fishing. There isn’t a trout stream shop owner Darren Selznick has fished in which the Wiredipity didn’t produce.

Helpful tools/additional materials:

For brushing out the dubbing:
For applying the dubbing:

Recommended ties:

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