How To Tie The Brushy Baitfish With EP Brushes

Tying With EP Brushes

The Brushy Baitfish is as quick & easy to tie as it is deadly on pretty much everything that eats baitfish including tarpon, snook, trout, largemouth bass, peacock bass, and redfish. The beauty of this fly is that you can combine any two colors of EP Craft Fur Brush and EP Minnow Head Brush to adapt your Brushy Baitfish to the water color and species you’ll be targeting. The Craft Fur Brush takes markers well and the Minnow Head Brush is integrated with enough sparkle to catch the eyes of fish. The Brushy Baitfish can be tied in a variety of sizes depending on hook size and how many wraps you make.

Brushy Baitfish Materials:

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