How To Tie The Polar Toad Tarpon Fly

How To Tie The Polar Toad Tarpon Fly

The tarpon are here and we’re prepping for the heart of the season with this how-to tarpon fly video on the Polar Toad. The Polar Toad is shop owner Darren Selznick’s variation of the oh so effective Tarpon Toad. The Polar Toad has the advantage in that it shows the fish something a little different than the traditional Toads that seasoned tarpon see year after year. We’ve come to the conclusion that the Toad is such an effective fly because the wide head allows the fly to consistently track straight without the hook swaying from side to side.

The Polar Toad can be tied in a variety of colors to match the water conditions. As a general rule, tie darker Toads for dark/murky water, tie brighter and natural color Toads for clear water. Although the Electric Yellow/Chartreuse Toad tied in the video has fooled fish in murky water, it is most effective in clear water.

Polar Toad Materials:

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