How To Tie The Sad Flea Bonefish Fly

Tying the Sad Flea for Bonefish

When it comes to flies for bonefish and permit, our Biscayne Bay guide Capt. Dave Saddler likes simple and effective. With those guidelines in mind, he came up with the Sad Flea and has great success with the fly due to how naturally it lands. The Sad Flea hits the water softly and sits on the bottom with the tail end looking up at the fish, much like a crab or shrimp in a defensive position. The weed guard will then keep the fly snag-free as it (unsuccessfully) attempts to flee. The Sad Flea helped angler Brower Moffit achieve victory at the 2009 Superfly S.L.A.M.

The Sad Flea tied in the video is Dave’s standard bonefish size. For shallow tailing bonefish and for the Bahamas, the Sad Flea can be tied with bead chain eyes. For permit, we typically tie the Sad Flea on a #1/0 hook with heavier eyes.

Sad Flea Materials:

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