Tying Kendrick’s Wooly Mantis

Tying Kendrick's Wooly Mantis Shrimp Fly

Kendrick’s Wooly Mantis is a staple for clear water shrimp crushers. It was first tied up by our friend and shop tier Cory Kendrick. It’s a very simple, intuitive shrimp that most seasoned flats anglers already tie in one form or another. That’s because the equation works. It’s got the right movement and it’s the right size, color and profile for fish with good vision in water ideal for seeing.

Cory has a unique way of tying in the legs so that they flare out and foul less than normal. Also the jig hook he puts this bug on has been proven extremely effective in staying buttoned on fish with inferior mouths.

So in addition to the clear water redfish it was initially tied for, the Wooly Mantis has become a go-to for fishing areas that are prone to have both bonefish and schooling little permit.

Wooly Mantis Materials:

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