Super Spawn – Early Winter Everglades Report

Super Spawn - Early Winter Everglades Report

Capt. Jason Sullivan reports on the Everglades fishing for late fall/early winter

We’re having 30-40 snook days. It has been the strongest showing of snook I’ve ever seen this time of year. Based on the average size of these fish I believe we can attribute this insanity to an awesome spawn two or so years ago. We’re finding these fish deep in the backcountry along treelines and on the points. They’re eating baitfish patterns enthusiastically, especially the #2 grey/orange Brushy Baitfish.

Since the most recent cold front the mud flats in the back have presented incredible sight fishing opportunities. With high skies and lots of sunshine, the middle of the day warms these flats and provides a comfortable environment for these fish to hang out in. I like EP minnows and crabby flies on the mud as snook will take them and you’re prepared for a redfish encounter.

We’ve also been finding lots of baby tarpon way way back in the backcountry, in deep ponds. Areas we’ve never seen them before. String together a good stretch of warm days and the next report may very well be about the grown poons.

Mud Flat Snook

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