Angel Silk Review

Angel Silk Review

Everyone loves Polar Fiber for its movement, but its length limits how large of a fly you can tie with it. That was the main appeal in bringing in Angel Silk. It is a soft, silky fiber characteristically very similar to Polar Fiber but it is much longer (see the comparison in the video above). This allows you to tie large baitfish patterns and dredging flies that pulse and flow like Polar Fiber. The integrated Angel Hair flash in Angel Silk is a nice touch that saves you a step at the vise being that most patterns you’d be tying with this material would utilize a bit of flash.

Flies with Angel Silk
Angel Silk's length is its most exciting feature. Allowing you to tie tarpon dredging and large baitfish flies with Polar Fiber-like movement. The integrated flash saves you a step when tying smaller patterns.

If the extra length and integrated flash in a Polar Fiber-like material would be an asset to you at the vise and in your fly box – Pick up some Angel Silk here.

Angel Silk

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