Umpqua X Series Hooks Straight To The Point Review

Umpqua X Series Hooks Review

Umpqua’s new X Series Hooks for the salt

For creating imitations of saltwater species’ food sources, Umpqua has just launched the new X Series of hooks. Umpqua is one of the biggest names in fly design, so they know how a hook should be designed for flies. These hooks are crazy sharp and crazy strong. The series covers saltwater fly categories from crab patterns to baitfish to gurglers.

The XS506H is the jig hook. It’s your crab and shrimp fly hook that does very well at finding the right part of the mouth for fish with inferior mouths like redfish and bonefish.

The XS415 is a short shank/wide gap hook perfect for baitfish flies as well as for backcountry flies like sliders and megalopsicle type flies. The XS415H is the same as the XS415 with heavier wire. For tarpon flies.

The XS420 is an all around flats design for longer shanked baitfish to crab and shrimp patterns.

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