UV Highlights with UV2 Raptor Hackle

UV2 Raptor Hackle Review

UV2 Raptor Hackle is a short Rhea plume, traditionally used for spey flies. It’s a great short plume with awesome colors for your steelhead flies, but there’s another bigger difference from normal Rhea plumes – Spirit River’s unique UV2 dying and processing makes this hackle more easily visible to eyes that are sensitive to UV light (fish eyes).

That being said tarpon and bonefish and most saltwater gamefishes’ eyes are extremely sensitive to UV light. So we brought in this UV2 Raptor to add accents and highlights to your saltwater bugs. There are times when fish will turn away from a fly with flash. Especially in clear water (oceanside tarpon are the first creatures to come to mind). We’re thinking the UV2 processing of this hackle will be a great attractor in your bug that fish will see well, without the use of flash for those clear water scenarios. Give it a shot!

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