Umpqua XS435 Bendback Hook Review

Bendbacks are such a great fly to have in your fly boxes. They’re light and they’re weedless! You can bang them up against mangroves for snook all day long. They’ll ride through grass where redfish and seatrout are stalking, they’ll bounce off lili pads where largemouth and peacock bass are hunting, they’ll even help keep the weeds off your fly when there’s a ton of sargassum in the surf.

Bendbacks have disappeared from the public eye for a while, most likely due to the lack of good bendback hooks. It’s time to bring them back and the XS435 is the tinder to the flame. These hooks have the perfect shape, weight and thickness. The V-Lock bend design in the gap that tends to hold fish better is just the icing on the cake.

Bendback Eat Me Fly

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