2020 Loon Tying Tools Overview

Loon Fly Tying Tools Cover

Loon Outdoors has laid out a nice new arsenal of tying tools to start 2020. The kind of tools that give your tying desk an air of credibility and a sense of uniformity. Tools that add style to function. The Hair Packer pushes deer hair nicely with its simple no-slip design that surrounds the hook shank. If you don’t have an absolute favorite bobbin yet, try the Ergo All Purpose Bobbin. The MVP of the line though is the Underfur Comb. One fell swoop pulls out all the underfur of Craft Fur, Polar Fiber, Bucktail, Finn Raccoon and whatever else has unwanted underfur.

In addition to the tools, Loon also released their new UV Fly Finishes. Colored resins without having to mix anything and that have the viscosity of Loon UV Clear Fly Finish Thin – that should spark a little creativity at the vise!

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