Five Tips To Feed More Tarpon

There's nothing like seeing a tarpon and successfully listening to what he's telling you to do with your fly in order for him to eat it. It's the greatest feeling in the world and the ensuing chaos is icing on the cake. Often easier said than done, but the good thing is, if you use [...]

Super Spawn – Early Winter Everglades Report

Capt. Jason Sullivan reports on the Everglades fishing for late fall/early winter We're having 30-40 snook days. It has been the strongest showing of snook I've ever seen this time of year. Based on the average size of these fish I believe we can attribute this insanity to an awesome spawn two or so years [...]

Simms Solarflex Armor: Beating the Blaze

As we watched the introduction of the Simms Solarflex Armor shirt/hoody or whatever you want to call it, one very specific memory was pushed to the front of my brain. It was from a summer day in Everglades National Park. I don't quite remember all the details of the day, just the afternoon. If there [...]

Baby Tarpon Galore – October Everglades Report

Capt. Jason Sullivan reports on the Everglades fishing in early October It's all about the baby tarpon. There's a ton of them around, they're frisky, and they're eating flies with vigor. Good news, the Flamingo boat ramp is now open. Until recently we've been running to Florida Bay from Key Largo to find these fish. [...]

Peacock Days and Snooky Nights after Irma

Capt. Patrick Smith reports on the Lake Ida and Palm Beach fishing following the storm. The Lake Ida system is getting back to normal. The finger canals have been flowing hard due to the open spillways. This has caused poor water conditions. At this time the system is starting to settle down and clear up. [...]

Simms Guide Plier Review

Complete with rod racks, fly tying table, and paddle board, is the envy-inspiring Simms bus. The man behind the wheel is Dave Chouinard of Simms Fishing Products. Dave is an avid fly fisherman himself and is extremely passionate about the gear he showcases. In this installment of the Simms Bus Series, we’ll take a closer [...]