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How to Tie: Giacobba’s Skrimp

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Mark Giacobba Skrimp Materials Kit
Giacobba's Skrimp Materials Kit - Tan #1/0 $37.25 4 available

Giacobba’s Skrimp Materials Kit – 1/0 Tan Includes:

Shrimp – the fruit of the sea! And of the backcountry, for where Capt. Mark Giacobba designed this fly to look like a shrimp, act like a shrimp and get eaten like a shrimp. As I scarf down a shrimp taco while writing this description, I can’t help but daydream about Giacobba’s Skrimp scooting past a mangrove root where a slobby snook waits in ambush mode.

Use a brown marker to bar the tail. We recommend the Dark Brown colored PrismColor Marker.

Skrimp Fly Snook

Here are the materials to come up with your own Skrimp Variations

Helpful Tools

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