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How To Tie: Richies Poppin Prawn

Difficulty: intermediate

50% difficulty

Time: 10-15 minutes

50% timely

Cost: average

average cost
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Imitates: shrimp

Target species: snook, redfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, snakeheads

Where to fish: backcountry, warmwater lakes/ponds/rivers/canals

Notes: Dubbing wax and combing out the carp dub gives this fly a bit more movement and a better body. When you cut the foam, try to cut it as straight as possible. Make sure to tightly secure the wraps on and below the foam so it does not twist.

About the fly:

Richie P’s Poppin Prawn is the perfect little backwater topwater shrimp fly. A fly that makes a large thump when stripped in, this pattern is sure to pull the fish from deep in the mangroves to come out and attack. The double-thick two-tone foam keeps this fly riding high and adds even more durability and contrast.

Helpful tools/additional materials:

To pick out the dubbing body:
Another tool to pick out the dubbing body:
To keep the dubbing on your thread without sliding off:


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