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How to Tie: The Twisted Fly’s Tikka

Difficulty: easy

25% difficulty

Time: 5-10 minutes

37% timely

Cost: average

average cost
About these metrics

Imitates: pilchard/whitebait/medium baitfish

Target species: tarpon, snook, redfish, largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, peacock bass, seatrout, jack crevalle

Where to fish: backcountry, intracoastal/inland bays and waterways, warmwater lakes/ponds/rivers/canals, surf

Notes: Tie the rabbit strip in fur side down so ambush predators looking up see more movement

About the fly:

The Tikka by Mike Verniolle of The Twisted Fly is very “snooky”. White, with great profile and movement we have confidence tossing this fly in any backcountry snook situation.

Helpful tools/additional materials:

For glueing on eyes:
For flattening tie-in end of mono:


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