Tying The Foam Palolo

Palolo worm flies are a staple in any good tarpon fly box. Migrating tarpon have a weakness for these little red worms and their strong disposition to suck in a worm fly at any point in the season makes the Foam Palolo an excellent choice when trying to feed seemingly undistractable oceanside swimmers. Watching a [...]

How The Abel Super Series Was Revamped For 2017

The Abel Super Series has always been synonymous with success. Its incredibly smooth premium cork drag system’s ability to protect tippet on quick stop and start runs, as well as it’s capability of being cranked down to wear out pelagic brutes, has made the Super Series a favorite of record chasers and hardcore anglers since [...]

Capt. Scott Hamilton Talks Offshore Fly Fishing

When it comes to offshore fly fishing, nobody knows the game better than Capt. Scott Hamilton. We recently had him in the shop where he went over everything from color of flies, to educating a school of dolphin, setting the hook on bolting fish, and a whole lot of more information that can only be [...]

Tying The What’s Up Dock

What are snook in the dock and bridge lights looking for? What's Up Docks. Well, actually tiny shrimp and glass minnows that are attracted to the lights, but to the snook the What's Up Dock is exactly that. Designed by shop owner Darren Selznick, this fly has been producing snook under the stars since 2003. [...]

Simms G4 Pro Tactical Hip Pack Review

Complete with rod racks, fly tying table, and paddle board, is the envy-inspiring Simms bus. The man behind the wheel is Dave Chouinard of Simms Fishing Products. Dave is an avid fly fisherman himself and is extremely passionate about the gear he showcases. In this installment of the Simms Bus Series, we'll take a closer look [...]

How To Tie The Red Jig Slider

Watch on YouTube Exactly as the name suggests, the Red Jig Slider is a slider-style fly, on a jig hook, for redfish from Louisiana to Key Largo. The fly's successful track record can be attributed to how it pushes a good amount of water, has a ton of food-like movement from all the rabbit, and gets [...]

How To Tie The Polar Fiber Minnow

Watch on YouTube The Polar Fiber Minnow is one of our favorite all around patterns to imitate small baitfish. When tied correctly, the Polar Fiber naturally tapers into an unmistakably fishy profile that breathes and twitches with pure fluidity. We'd go so far as to call this fly a modern Lefty's Deceiver due to its [...]

Tying The Eat Me Fly (Ole Florida Style)

Watch on YouTube The Eat Me fly is one of the most productive patterns for just about any fish that eats smaller fish. Originally tied by Capt. Scott Hamilton for his offshore quarries, the Ole Florida style differs in that all the material is tied on top of the hook. This helps prevent fouling and [...]